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About Us

Our Story

ELISS water was founded on the principle that every community should have access to not only clean but premium drinking water. Back in 2005, team ELISS was a few of the millions affected by Hurricane Katrina. During the aftermath of Katrina, several families were plagued with dehydration, which lead to death and medical emergencies all around them. Fast forward to 2019, Covid-19 caused the world to shut down. The planet's most essential resource was yet again scarce, water.

We realized we had to take action. First, we coined the term ELISS, which means Everlasting Joy. Secondly, we found a water spring in Calhoun, GA that has naturally sourced alkalinity. Third, we teamed up with TEN. TEN is a nonprofit that provides entrepreneurial mentorship to at-risk youth. Furthermore, we joined an initiative called “Take a B.O.W”. Take a Bottle of Water provides free water to households and community centers in need through every purchase of ELISS. We are doing our part to eradicate the water scarcity crisis worldwide while inspiring communities with our mantra: Amidst Adversity, Choose JOY!

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